Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets once a month (except in July and August) to review all requests for financial assistance, tend to the administration of the Foundation and organize our major fundraising activities consisting of the annual mailing campaign and the fundraising breakfast.

Monies raised from those activities as well as those received from individual donors are used to fund qualified financial assistance requests.

President Arnold van Nieuwburg Directors
Past-President Thomas J. Fisher
  • Paul Bourdeau
  • Kim Fata
  • Richard Germain MD
  • Maggie Jackson
  • Johanna Koppes
  • Ève-Marie L'Abbé
  • Lise Martin
  • Sophie Ouellet


Pierre Laplante


Lise Laoun


Santo Fata

Junior Board of Directors

The Fondation des CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis et de Pierrefonds has formed a Junior board, composed of 4 CEGEP and 6 High School students from institutions in the West-Island. Their mission is to help the foundation with programs and activities that will appeal to a younger demographic. The 10 dedicated members of the Junior board will work closely with senior board members to maximize the foundation’s reach and popularity in the West-Island.


President to be determined
Vice-President Andrew Stein
Communications Director to be determined
Treasurer & Secretary Olivia Fata
Community Outreach Director Christina Fulginiti